How To Lay A New Roll-On Lawn

Installing your new roll-on lawn couldn't be easier. You've made a fantastic choice for your garden. This versatile and attractive garden feature will give you years of enjoyment and provide you with a lush and beautiful lawn that is perfect for relaxing on or for the kids and pets to play on. 

Installing Your Rolls Of Lawn

If you are installing your roll-on lawn on a hot day, you will need to dampen the ground first. It is best to do this area by area, as you roll out each of your rolls of lawn. This will ensure that your soil is moist and cool, which will help to protect the roots. Begin laying out your roll-on lawn along the longest boundary line in your garden. The boundary line should be straight. This will give you your starting point from which to lay your remaining rolls of lawn. 

Push the edges so they lay tight against each other, but try to do this without stretching the rolls. Try to avoid overlapping the rolls or creating any gaps, as this will result in an uneven finish. Once you have laid your roll-on lawn, it is advised that you don't use it until the roots have had a chance to establish themselves in the soil. You can walk on it sparingly, but dog traffic, play and rough usage are not typically advised. 

Watering Your New Lawn

Many roll-on lawn suppliers supply special watering systems designed to offer quality watering to your roll on lawn. This will give your lawn just the right amount of water. Studies have shown that homeowners use more water than they need to on their lawn, and this can actually be detrimental to the appearance of your lawn, not to mention the extra costs you will be incurring due to excessive water usage. A specialist water system will deliver just the right amount of water to care for your new roll-on lawn. 

Mowing Your Roll-On Lawn

After two weeks, you can start to mow your new roll on lawn. Mowing is essential, as it helps to keep your lawn vigorous and robust, as well as ensuring an attractive appearance all year round. You can also add a little light fertiliser after mowing. This can be picked up readily from most roll-on lawn suppliers and will give your new lawn the nourishment it needs in the early stages of growth. 

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