Installing and Caring for a New Lawn: A Guide

If you are planning to have a new lawn installed on your property, you will want to make sure that it beds in nicely and that it thrives and takes root. Below is a guide which will help you during and after your new lawn installation.

Make sure the topsoil is level

Before your new turf arrives, you should ensure that the exposed topsoil is completely level so you can be certain that there are no dips in your new lawn where water may collect. To level the topsoil, carefully rake the area and then tamp down the soil using a roller.

Lay the turf as soon as it is delivered

When arranging a day for your new turf to be delivered, you should choose a time when you will be able to lay it more or less immediately. The longer you leave turf lying around, the more it will begin to dry out, and if one thing is going to kill your new lawn, it is lack of moisture.

Protect the new turf

Once the new turf has been put in place, you should take precautions to ensure that it is protected. You should never walk directly on new turf as this can damage it. You should place large wooden boards down if you need to walk onto the lawn. The boards will distribute your body weight and will help to prevent any damage to the turf. As soon as you have finished accessing the lawn, you should remove the boards.

Keep your new lawn well watered

When the grass was being grown at the turf farm, its roots would have developed, so they reached far into the ground. However, freshly laid turf will not have well-established roots and so will need to be kept well watered in order to thrive. You should use a hosepipe or lawn sprinkler system to water the new turf at least once a day. During the summer months, you should only water the lawn in the early morning or evening to keep the wet grass from being damaged by the sun.

Add fertiliser

You should also invest in some lawn fertiliser which will help the grass to take hold. You should carefully read the instructions included with the fertiliser to regards to the frequency of use.

If you would like to find out more, contact a company that installs lawns in your area.

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